Presentation of the Head of Registrar’s Office
(A summary presentation of the operating results included in the Annual Reports done by the unit manager)
Student affairs at our university has switched over to a central host system since 2015. Therefore, all the affairs and procedures of the students placed in our university’s higher education programs with the results of Central Placement and Special Talent Exams, such as school fee, registration, course registration, course adjustment, student exchange programs, lateral transfer, vertical entrance, other transactions and correspondence are carried out by our presidency until they graduate or leave for various reasons.  Electronically signed diplomas and diploma supplements are being prepared for the first time in Turkey. They can get diploma and diploma supplements within 3 days at the latest after graduation. In addition, again for the first time in Turkey, an electronically signed student certificate and a transcript are issued.  Our students can receive the documents online without coming to our center. Our graduate students can also receive their grade status documents online from their homes and offices.
Our purpose is to give a good education and provide quality service as far as we could, using appropriate technology and methods within the framework of the laws and international standards in the light of the principles and values determined, by protecting our strong traditions, culture, and national identity. Our efforts to be a leader among universities in Turkey by breaking new ground will continue in the future.
Student Affairs Department Head