Associate Education: The Associate Education programme lasts four semesters. Schools which accept students for the Associate Education are as follows: Halil Bayraktar Vocational School of Health Services, School of Justice,
Undergraduate Education: The undergraduate education in our University is maintained in 19 faculties and. The period of the undergraduate education is twelve semesters at the School of Medicine, ten semesters at the Faculties of Veterinary, Dentistry and Pharmacy, and eight semesters in other faculties. 
Graduate Education: MSc and PhD degrees are offered by the Graduate School of Education, Science, Engineering, Technology, Health Sciences, and Fine Arts. The period of study is a minimum of 4 semesters for a MSc, and 6 semesters in PhD programmes.
Those who could not pursue their undergraduate education may receive an Associate Degree Diploma: Students who completed the first 4 semesters with success but who could not pursue their education further due to failure or any other reason, are eligible to apply for an Associate Degree Diploma.
Prep School:
English Preparatory Class for the departments which have 30 % and 100 % education in English.
Arabic Preparatory Class for the students of the Faculty of Theology.
Russian Preparatory Class for the Department of Russian Language and Literature.