Registration Requirements of Foreign Students for Graduate Programs


Registration Requirements of Foreign Students for Graduate Programs

(1) In order to be admitted to a graduate program, foreign students are required to have an undergraduate degree diploma received from any higher education, graduate, or post-graduate institution in Turkey, or they are required to have an undergraduate degree diploma received from an institution which is regarded as equivalent by the Higher Education Council of Turkey. 

(2) Foreign students, who want to apply to a PhD program, are required to score a minimum of 55 from YDS on any language which is recognized by the Inter-University Council or to obtain an equivalent score on an examination that is recognized by the Inter-university Council to be equivalent. If necessary the Senate has the right to increase the minimum scores based on the qualities of the registered program. 

(3) The registrations of foreign students are evaluated by the Institute Administrative Board with the permission of the related department. 

(4) Foreign students who graduate from any higher education council in Turkey are subject to the same conditions as the students from the Turkish Republic in the case of ALES score. 

(5) Students are required to have an equivalence document from the Higher Education Council Turkish Proficiency certificate from TÖMER. For those programs whose language of education is a foreign language, the students are not required to have a Turkish Proficiency certificate. 

(6) The Institute Administrative Board is responsible for deciding on the requirements for foreign student admissions. 

Foreign Student Admissions 

(1) Within the scope of the conditions determined previously for admission without examination, the acceptance of these foreign students is made with the permission of the department via the Institute Board decision. Within the scope of predetermined conditions, the tuition of new and still existing foreign students is decided by the University Administration Board. The tuition for these students cannot exceed current service costs. Students from abroad, in cases of a mutual agreement between countries regarding tuition, are not required to pay tuition.

(2) Based on the mutual agreements of Universities, foreign student applicants who register for graduate education are admitted as students with the consent of the EABD/EASD chairman of the Institute Board without basing admittance on any additional examination. 

(3) For those foreign student applicants who graduate from an institution outside of Turkey, it is not obligatory to have an ALES score or any equivalent examination. For those students who graduate from an institution in Turkey, it is required to have an ALES score. For those applicants who apply with their undergraduate diploma the minimum grade point average is 2.00 out of 4 (75 out of 100), for those who apply with their Master’s diploma the minimum grade point average is 2.50 out of 4 (80 out of 100). 

(4)Registration is held in accordance with the Institute's registration period as stated in the academic calendar. Applicants must submit the below-mentioned documents within the application period. For the application process the real version or certified copies are requested as follows:

a) The certified translations of diploma or graduation certificate

b) Transcripts in certified translation

c) A passport, with an entry visa that bears the remark of education, and its certified translation

(5) The applicants are evaluated for their scientific proficiency by the related graduate programthe department head. If they are evaluated as insufficient they are admitted to the scientific preparation program. For scientific preparation programs the conditions listed in Article 15 are implemented. 

(6) Other principles related to foreign student admission are determined by the Institute Administrative Board.