2020 2021 Student Admıssıon From Abroad For Assocıate Degree And Undergraduate Degree Programs.

As a result of the foreign student admission procedures, the final registration of the candidates who are eligible to enter our university's higher education programs in the 2020 2021 academic year is going to be made between September 29 October 16, 2020.



  1. The original high school diploma and Turkish high schools diploma equivalent document received from the Turkish Consulate of own country or 'certificate of equivalence' document from the Turkey Ministry of Education.
  2. Original exam result document
  3. Original passport and notarized photocopy of Turkish translation
  4. “Student Visa”- Students from other countries have to take from their country or nearest Turkish foreign representations; students in Turkey have to take from the Provincial Directorate of Police
  5. Original document of internationally recognized Proficiency certificate of foreign language – Turkish, approved by Turkish Consulate of own country.
  6. Residence permit
  7. Foreign Nationals Identification number
  8. 1 photo, 4,5 X 6 size - Photos must be taken from the front line in the last 6 months and must be easy to introduce the candidate.


  1. Candidates in Turkey;
  1. Those who can able to come is going to make their registration by personally coming to university.
  2. Those who can not able to come to university, have to log in Erciyes University Student Informatıon System https://obisis.erciyes.edu.tr/,  create password through the ‘do not know password’ tab and make pre-registration.


  1. Candidates not in Turkey, are going to make pre-registration online through https://obisis.erciyes.edu.tr/ (create password through the ‘do not know password’ tab and make pre-registration). Pre-registration does not mean the finalization of your registration; after the examination of your documents, confirmation of registration is going to be given. After pre-registration, candidates are required to send the required documents for registration to basvuru@erciyes.edu.tr. Students whose documents and information are found to be incomplete is going to be cancelled; you must send your documents and information completely and accurately.
  2. Unapproved copies or photocopies of the required documents for registration are not accepted.
  3. If documents are incomplete, registration cannot be made.
  4. Candidates who do not register between the stated dates cannot claim any rights.
  5. Candidates who have quit Republic of Turkey citizenship must document their status with a document received from the General Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship Affairs.



Registration of the candidates in Turkey is made by Student Affairs Office at the Student Affairs Centre Building.